Syntara System Energy Practitioner


In 2013, I was at a crossroads.  I had a vision of working with people who were in transition and knew that I wanted to understand Energy more deeply and intricately in order to be of service in this realm.  Enter Gitanjali Hemp.  I took a 15 month certification program with her which, frankly, changed my life.  When given the opportunity to study with her for another 15 months, I jumped at it.


Syntara System is an energy healing system that supports our brilliant selves as we connect and integrate with All that Is.  I have found tools to center and ground myself, so that I can connect with my creative life force and cultivate my personal power.  With Syntara System my relationships, my identity, and vision are nourished, expanded, deepened and brought into alignment with my unique soul's purpose and with the greater good for All.


And I have learned to share those tools through private energy sessions, writings and discussion. We are all connected to Source. Sometimes, that connection gets distorted through the process of living. In a session with me, we will work with your resources to bring the communication between you and Source (God, Universe, Nature, Light) back into alignment. From there, the knowledge of what you need to do to live in that alignment becomes clearer and clearer.


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