Syntara System Energy Practitioner


Shadow on Concrete Wall


Ruthie is incredible. She's one of the most generous, kind, and unconditionally loving people I know. These qualities come through in the way she serves her community and her individual clients. Every energy work session I've received from her has been profound. She holds a huge space for transformation to occur, bridging the expansiveness of the cosmic realms, the nourishment of nature, and tender care for the human heart. In her eyes, I am reminded of how lovable I am and how much space there is for me to be who I am and for everyone to be who they are and thrive. I am so deeply grateful for Ruthie and the steady beacon of light she is in these often dark and chaotic times of global transformation. If you’re finding yourself lost and confused or in need of a generous dose of love and support, lean into connection with Ruthie and allow her to joyfully support you!.