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Beloved of the Universe

My friend and I decided to hold a retreat for ourselves. Two days. Empty house in the Santa Cruz mountains (her husband and kids are gone for the weekend). Good food. Paper, pen, computer. My favorite books. A beautiful dog lying on the floor. Well-loved company in each other.

And a knowing (in each of us) that we have something to share with the world that is necessary for the world to hear.

We make lunch on our first afternoon. Then some tea before writing. She lists several flavors. Decaf Earl Gray, Mint, Love (with rose, lavender, and chamomile).

Tea: definitely Love for me.

Before sitting to write, I choose a card from one of my oracle decks: Our Lady of Love.

Going to the bathroom to wash-up after lunch, I look up and see a candle (you guessed it): Love

OK, Universe, I have my assignment. I get it; it’s time. It’s past time, really. We spend our lives reaching for love, dreaming of love, craving love, acting out in all sorts of sideways behaviors in our quest for it.

What does it take to actually know? What is it, really? For all of our reaching, dreaming, craving (and sideways acting out), do we understanding that which we seek?

So, I sit with the question. What is love? The answer comes back, so clear, so obvious, so necessary.

Love is: a deep, connected, embodied knowing of our place in the Universe a knowing of our “rightness”, our wholeness, our inalienable acceptance in the order of all things

That is what I feel when I open up to the Universe and allow it to love me. And if I can feel that love, own it, trust it, embody it, I am entrusted with the Universe-bequeathed role of passing it on.

I become a conduit of that Universal love, through my eyes, my actions, my words. Looking at my beloveds (my husband, children, family, friends), speaking to my beloveds, touching my beloveds, they should see, hear, feel only love.

In my eyes, they should see their place in the Universe. In my words, they should hear their rightness, their wholeness. In my touch, they should feel their absolutely solid acceptance in the order of all things.

As I think upon this, I realize that sometimes they see irritation in my eyes. They hear anger or fear in my voice. They feel resistance and hesitation in my touch. Because I have forgotten…that I am beloved of the Universe.

Once I remember, my eyes clear, my voice sings, and my touch is filled with magic.

My most important job is to remember that I am beloved of the Universe.

(Art is from a card made by Isabella many years ago)

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