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For nine years, Wednesday mornings at 9 a.m., I have been here. The creek and trees out the window, this angel to my side. Lying on the table, surrounded by amazing humans, receiving care and love and nourishment. Tapping into my strength and softness and power and knowing and vastness and depth. Lovingly held and supported by Christina Amaral, one of the most talented healers I have known. How freaking blessed am I? And this Wednesday, one last drive down Highway One. One last belly laugh with Syd and Lena as we lie on these tables, celebrating our time together with our amazing and beloved Christina...receiving and simultaneously sending our love to her in energetic waves that I know she can feel as she prepares for her new home and next act.

Almost a decade of lying on these tables (every week) together (and they've been there even longer). That is a long time. Births, deaths, fears, hopes. Connected, nurtured, whole. Loved and loving. How freaking blessed are we?

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