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55 :: 90 {Solstice to Equinox}

When Isabella was in her nature group, they used to practice different ways of seeing. Eagle eyes- focused, piercing, alert; and owl eyes- open, receptive, big-picture view.

We would walk along the trail, opening our perception, softening our gaze, and allow our senses to receive the forest. By releasing the need to hyper-focus, we opened our peripheral vision.

I’m using the metaphor for my internal work this week. How can I look inside with less force, less laser-focus? How can I allow my vision to blur even, yet from that softer place see what is on the periphery?

Looking in this way, I feel everything inside relax. I don’t need to strive. I can receive ... the wisdom, the insight, the knowing that comes when I don’t try to control the outcome.

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