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48 :: 90 {Solstice to Equinox}

Usually I have a sense of what a picture means when I post it. It speaks to me. It has a story. I write the story.

Or I have a story and choose to take a photo that expresses, reflects, or hints at that story.

Or sometimes our dog is just so darned cute that she needs to be the star for the day.

This moment, this photo called to be the photo of the day. But there is no story...yet.

I am integrating, processing something profound and important and real and tragic and beautiful. For me, the story comes after this integration happens.

I know what needs to be shared. I know the story, but it’s not ready. I have not the words to do it justice...yet.

So for now, a blurry reflection and the hope of light will have to suffice. I think the photo is definitely the right photo.

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