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41 :: 90 {Solstice to Equinox}

The full moon rising before being eclipsed by our earth’s shadow. Reflecting light back to us before our beautiful sphere momentarily blocked that reflection.

Metaphorically, an lunar eclipse has us confronting our own shadows. Our personal and collective shadows.

Mine’s been up this week, that personal shadow. The places that I have blocked my ability to reflect.

The places that I need see and know, yet are shrouded in the dark corners of my psyche.

And yet, they are all me. The light and enshadowed. The easy and the challenging. The loving and the fearful. The connected and the disconnected.

Feeling the call to self-forgiveness with this moon. With a layer of “let’s learn the lessons for real this time.”

The shadow hiding my reflection is a reminder that when the mirror becomes available again, I need to peer into it. Look at the beauty, yes. But at the whole picture most of all (the wrinkles, blemishes, scars, wounds as well as the beauty).

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