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35 :: 90 {Solstice to Equinox}

Earth. Water. Fire. Air. (The fire was there, if somewhat shrouded. The sun did peek out for a brief glimpse).

North. West. South. East.

Feeling into my relationship with it all.

Solid, grounded, growing, connected.

Crystal and rock, plant and soil, mud and sand.

Loving and loved, compassionate, nurtured and nurturing.

Oceans, rivers, rain, ice, snow.

Passion, creativity, joy, curiosity.

Fire, sun, heat.

Thoughts, ideas, communication, newness, inspiration.

The breeze through the tress, blowing the clouds. Gusting, gentle, moving.

And the ethers. The center. The still point. The void.

All of the elements. All of my parts.

Connected together, weaving a tapestry of wholeness.

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