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14 :: 90 {Solstice to Equinox}

Solstice season and new year

The leaves have fallen and are composting in preparation for growing something new

The light of the sun shortened and is returning day by day in preparation for nurturing that new growth

What is being composted?

For me, 2017 was a year filled with heartbreak and rage

The inequities of our world came into bright focus

The illness and wounds of our society on display for all to see

Composting, for me, is letting those feelings have their time in the light

And after those feelings have been seen and heard

Breaking them down

Just as time and wind and pressure and heat break down leaves fallen from a deciduous tree

When I work the heartbreak, I ask, "What is underneath it?"

Disenfranchisement, inequity, violence against the innocent

I look deeper, listen with softer ears; I truly see the broken-heart; I understand the depth of my sadness

And deep within, I hear the wish:

Connection. I want a world where connection rules the day

And then, I look again

I see groups of people working together to help hurricane and fire victims

I see people standing together to fight racism and injustice

I see connection everywhere I look

Connection and heartbreak

Heartbreak and connection

When I work the rage, I ask, "What is underneath it?

The injustices so deep and vast. The greed and hubris so astounding

I look deeper, listen with softer ears; I truly see the rage; I understand the fullness of my fury.

And deep within, I hear the wish:

Passion. I want a world where we passionately work together for a more just and free society

And then, I look again

I see people writing and talking and calling and singing and drawing, making their voices heard

I see people doing their inner work, getting clear about what they love and figuring out how to live their life in service to that passion

I see passion everywhere I look

Passion and rage

Rage and passion

Leaves fall, compost, nourish the soil for new growth

Seeds sprout, sending roots down, shooting up

Becoming a tree

Filled with leaves that will fall yet again....ready to nourish the new

I feel my place in this

Feelings come, held with love, transformed, nourishing my heart for something new

Ideas and dreams sprout, grounding deep within and spiraling out into the world

Becoming my dream

Filled with hope that will be challenged again...all in the service of growth

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