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2 :: 90 {Solstice to Equinox}

Solstice musings on the past few years’ lessons:

What I have learned... I have learned to trust each lesson in whatever form it arrives. I have learned to sit with the moment however it looks. I have learned the pleasure of feeling (regardless of the "positive" or "negative" belief around those feelings). What I know to be true... I suffer whenever I forget to trust, sit, and find pleasure in "what is." What is the essence of the teaching... I trust that I am being given, shown, experiencing exactly what I need to be given, shown, experiencing for my highest good (and the highest good of all). What can I release as I start a new cycle... I have learned these lessons with a fair amount of suffering. Moving forward, I can let go of my agenda. I can trust, sit, and find pleasure in "what is" without pushing against it.

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