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What the World Needs Now

As I started to write today, I reached for guidance. I have an oracle card deck (Wild Kuan Yin Oracle) that I love and turn to often. So, this morning, I pulled it out and asked, “What does the world need to know right now?”

I pulled a card called “She Tames by Laying Down the Staff and Rope.” And I thought, “Yep…we need a lot of that.” The card is an invitation to learn from Kuan Yin the art of feminine power.

I chose the word “bridge” as my guiding principle for 2017. It comes to me in many ways. I bridge the places within that are small to the places that are vast. I bridge the places that are scared to those that are sure and that hold trust and knowing. Those dark places, I show them light.

And (fitting with this oracle card), I bridge the masculine and the feminine. To those aggressive and fierce places, I build bridges to the places where openness and receptivity reign. Doing and striving have a place and a time, but they work best when supported by a consciousness of graceful trust and acceptance.

This oracle card invites me, invites us, to feel into this space. We have been living in a time (most of recorded history) where masculine energy runs supreme. Doing, conquering through will and determination, arguing, dominating, pushing, directing.

What happens when we nourish and strengthen our feminine side? What happens when we invite? When we invoke? What happens when we wait? When we pause? When we open?

What gems are available to us when we soften? When we disarm ourselves and others with gentleness and love? What happens when we empty? What happens when we love?

I invite you to spend some time today holding these questions deep within you. What wisdom is within you, still and waiting, longing to whisper in your ear if you can stay quiet enough to listen and hear?

Interestingly, as i write, I think of so many ways to play with this. And they all come in the form of questions (Isn’t it interesting how questions are a part of femininity?)

What if wrote down all of the questions above (what happens when we invite? when we invoke? etc) in my journal with room to explore?

What if I spent an hour today just contemplating them,writing about them, and opening myself to their wisdom?

What if I spent an hour just writing more questions about feminine power?

What if I recorded all of these questions (from the article and from my other list) and then listened to them in meditation (leaving space for them to work their magic within)?

What if I didn’t try to answer them in words, but just sat with the feeling that they inspire?

What if I find magic there?

What if I started now?

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