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I've noticed a theme in my personal social media comments this week. It started with the United Airlines video (the man being dragged off the flight...I couldn't actually bring myself to watch the video. The narrative description was all that I needed).

People all over (people from different geographic regions, from opposing political persuasions, and with varying spiritual beliefs) were asking the same questions, "Where is compassion? How did this happen? Who would just sit by?"

Again and again, I found myself compelled to address these questions. My answers varied but circled around the same theory. Rules and norms. Rules that encourage us to "not make waves" and to trust authority. Right now, the rules and norms have been set up under our current societal system to support hierarchy and separation.

But these rules and our collective adherence to them are changing. We are birthing something new. I feel it. As part of this birth, we are seeing the ways that our current system is dehumanizing and compassionless. New norms and systems are waiting to take their place. And this is all part of the process. A collective mass needs to 'get it' before we can move into this next stage.

I feel this strongly. This video and others (of hard-to-watch/impossible-to-fathom injustices and atrocities) are serving a very specific wake us up. To see the costs of this old system. And the sooner we wake up, the sooner we realize that we, as a culture and as individuals, can choose differently.

I believe that there is a template for a new way of relating and being that has already been downloaded into the larger human consciousness. A template that organizes us around the themes of love, brotherhood, unity and integrity. We (as individuals and collectively) just haven't all caught up with the new information.

But we are starting to do so! It may seem like the world is moving away from these themes with the partisanship that seems to divide us further and further; the catastrophic issues (climate change, war, terrorism) that seem to threaten the very existence of humanity. But if we sense just under the surface of every issue, we can feel these new themes quietly waiting for us to find them.

There ARE answers to our world's many problems. And every potential answer stems from our new template themes: brotherhood, love, integrity and unity. We not only need to learn to work together, we need to learn that our very existence depends on our unity and connection. I feel it. Do you?

End note: Isn't it ironic that this incident took place on "United" airlines? I am always keen to look for universal winks; and this one is subtle and....perfect. It didn't happen on Southwest or Alaska or even American Airlines. It was on "United" Airlines that we had a brief viewing into what needs to change in our world....a reminder that we need to be united.

#love #Hope

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