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Bridges and Balance

I (and I think that I am not alone) am at risk of frying my circuitry. Right/left, blue/red...we are being inundated with so much information that (on the one hand) feels vital to follow and that (on the other) is overwhelming our nervous system.

I've been asking my like-minded people all week a question...what action can we take? It's been a narrow question involving phone calls to congress members, marching with friends, emails, volunteering in marginalized communities, etc. Political and community action.

I have a new question today. What can we do to balance all of this stirred-up and intense thinking and feeling and doing? Thinking and feeling and doing are not the problem...and neither is being stirred up and intense. But only being stirred up and intense in my thinking, feeling and doing is a problem...and circuitry-frying results from it!

My thoughts run to movement and stillness. I imagine physically dancing with what is until I gradually transition to dancing with Source and then transition to sitting in quiet. Writing with what is until I find myself writing with Source and move to lying in a sun-dappled corner of my house. Stretching with what is until I am met with Source and I can sleep undisturbed by churning thoughts.

Movement and stillness, bringing more Source into my daily that I can balance the intensity of this time with the resource available to meet it.

What are you doing to find sanity and balance right now?

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