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I'm sitting in my office, computer on in front of me, empty massage table behind me, cuppa (tea) to my right; I'm typing and listening. Lots of voices telling me (kind of yelling at me) to hold off a little while longer. Of all of the questions, "am I ready" screams the loudest. Am I ready to put myself out there? Am I ready to step into this path firmly and without looking back? Am I ready to change my life?

I know that I want to serve. I know how I can serve (I am trained in a modality that has served me in countless ways). I know that I am wanting to share it. Why these voices? Why these questions? Why this stalling?

If Syntara System has taught me anything, it is to listen to those voices that are "kind of yelling." Why are they protesting that I should maybe..., sort of..., wait a little while longer? Why do they insist that the website (the facebook page, the offering) is not ready? Why do they insist that I am not ready?

Oh, I hear the whisper. It's not perfect. I'm not perfect. In fact, I might not be good at all. I might even fail. And this is where I can use all that I have learned. I can find that place that is oh-so-fearful. I can imagine that those voices just need to know that they have been heard, and that they are important. I can use all of the tools that have been generously shared with me to honor what is and build a bridge to what could be.

I can feel release in the areas of tension in my throat (expression) as those areas are surrounded by loving and trusting light. Maybe there is a little place in my abdomen (am I a blocked in my ability to receive?). Again, finding my tools, following the energy as it arises, I feel movement where there was stagnation moments ago.

This is what I have to offer. This ability to sit with what is and offer energetic glimpses of what could be. To clear out distortion so that we can tap into what REALLY is. And so...I launch.

I am here, sitting in my office, computer in front of me, a much colder cuppa to my right. I'm typing and listening to voices that remind me that I am ready. I am ready to offer you time on the massage table behind me (or you can meet me via Skype wherever you are). I am ready to help you access to your own higher resource, your own personal balm of Source to help you meet whatever is up in your life with love and trust.

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