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Spring is here. After a winter that nourished California with rain, I knew where I needed to be. So, with daughter in hand, I headed to the sunny hills of Saratoga where I knew the combination of the elements would be on full display. Seeds transported by AIR fall on EARTH soaked by WATER and brought to life by FIRE (in the form of our magnificent sun).

This is what balance looks like: when all of the parts work together, their alignment brings about utter beauty.

And this, to me, is what Syntara System is all about. This is what my work is about. Integrating and connecting our elemental selves.

Our air. Our thoughts, our ideas our inspirations and communications.

Our fire. Our passions, spirit, creativity, and curiosity.

Our water. Our emotions, feelings, connections, loves.

Our earth. Our bodies, things, our physical everything.

When I work with my clients, I hold these questions (Heck, these are the questions that I ask myself, too). How do we tap into our inner elements and create harmony between our thoughts, spirit, emotions and physical self? How do we connect them in alignment with our higher self for all of our higher good?

When these elements are out of balance, when it feels like the rain has come and there is no sun in sight, how do we hold the space for the feelings that arise and at the same time trust that the sun will come out again? That balance is possible? What baby steps can we take to build that trust? How can we move closer and closer to the harmony that looks like a hillside filled with dazzling wildflowers on a sunny day?

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