Syntara System Energy Practitioner



My path to becoming a healer started in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I had come to the mountains to re-discover my inner joy, to connect with the expansive sky, to fly down snow-covered mountains, to sit still in green meadows. I began to listen as the quiet whispers of my truest self became stronger and clearer. 


To make a living (while not gazing at the sky or sitting in a meadow), I taught skiing. My favorite clients had one thing in common. They were afraid. I gently guided them to slopes where they could succeed, gave them tools where they found comfort and control. Eventually, we could tackle slopes that excited and challenged them.  


Bit by bit, we nourished an internal sense of trust and comfort. Turn by turn, they began to let go of the need to control. They let go and trusted. Let go and trusted.Until they were gliding down the mountain filled with a sense of wholeness. They transitioned from fear to connection.


I knew then that I wanted to help people find that connection and wholeness in deeper and more intentional ways. And this is exactly what I do now, as an energy healer. Through working with our subtle energetic body, I help address old patterns of disconnection and build the trust necessary to cultivate depth, expansion and integration. Just like on the mountains of Colorado, we can transition to connection...and tackle whatever excites and challenges us.


 "We are in a time of unprecedented and rapid change." (Syntara System) And it is not slowing down. Transitions are the new way of life. We are faced with the challenge of finding stability within this ever-shifting environment.  Once stability is found, we can start to thrive even as the world changes around and within us.  Through this work, I share the tools that we all need to navigate these new times- in the hopes of aligning ourselves with our highest potential for the highest good of all.


My work is inspired by my life, enriched by my experiences homeschooling my two kids, partnering with my husband, engaging with my community, connecting the subtle energy body and seeking ways to continue to grow, all in alignment with my higher self.